Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of Champions 2021

Noah with the referees

Time seemed to stand still on Wednesday, May 26, as Friendswood Junior High hosted its 12th annual Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) Tournament of Champions. Songs like “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Eye of the Tiger” echoed off the cafeteria walls as the prestigious athletes stretched their hands in preparation for the showdown of the century.

Prior to the start of the competition, eighth-grade students competed against their peers in their math class until a winner was established in each class. From there, the 21 individual champions from each class advanced to the tournament to compete for the title of all titles: The Friendswood Junior High RPS Champion.

MC Mark McKeever blessed the audience with his vocal stylings, "dad at a BBQ" dance moves and served as the #1 hype man in the room. Meanwhile, referees Parker Garcia, Wade Rendon and Josh Fritts produced criminally good calls in their black and white uniforms.

Each round was single-elimination, best of five until there were only two competitors left in the tournament. The stakes could not have been higher as Nicole “On a Roll” Medina took the stage to face off against Noah “Don’t Cross the Mason” Dixon, both hoping their gameplay would be better than the nicknames bestowed upon them.

In an epic battle of wits and talent, it all came down to one moment. Eyes wide and hearts racing, the enthusiastic crowd watched as Noah “Don’t Cross the Mason” Dixon played a mean paper to Nicole “On a Roll” Medina’s defenseless rock. The crowd erupted and ironically threw cut-up pieces of paper into the air (didn’t they know the move hadn’t been scissors cutting paper?).

With that, Noah proved just why you “Don’t Cross the Mason-Dixon” and earned the prestigious title, some spray-painted trash that kept being referred to as a “trophy,” and bragging rights. He will also receive his name on a plaque that will be displayed by the bathrooms so that every time someone enters, they will be reminded of how Noah’s paper wiped away the stench of defeat with the sweet smell of victory.

Until next year, RPS…


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