Brody Wyers - Student Spotlight

Brody Wyers - Student Spotlight

There is a saying that goes, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, ever goes unnoticed.” Sometimes, people do not recognize the significance of their actions until they are told, and Friendswood Junior High Special Education Teacher Tyan Hutchinson believed it was time for sixth-grader Brody Wyers to know just how much his acts of kindness have impacted her students.

Hutchinson said Wyers goes out of his way every day to be kind to her special education students.

“Brody has shown amazing character with our students,” Hutchinson said. “He always greets them in the hallway, he’s pals with a few of our students and he comes into our classroom and plays his trombone and the kids love it.”

She continued.

“He goes out of his way, above and beyond to make sure he includes our students,” she stated. “It is amazing because so many times they don’t get included, but Brody always makes sure they do.”

Wyers said he goes out of his way to be kind because he knows not everyone does.

“I’ve seen kids bully special ed kids before and I don’t think that’s right, so I want to try to fix it as much as possible,” Wyers said. “They can’t really control what they do, so I want to make it where they can see that they are not alone and they can have friends as well.”

Wyers said he wants to encourage others to show special education students kindness.

“Just walk up and say ‘hi’ and give them a high-five,” he said. “It does not take a lot of effort. They’re just people.”

This outlook is exactly why Hutchinson said Wyers is so deserving of recognition.

“He never makes them feel any different,” Hutchinson said. “A lot of my kids are nonverbal and he will still carry on a conversation with them, and that speaks volumes for a kid his age.”

Hutchinson recalled a fond memory of a particularly heart-warming moment between Wyers and one of her students.

“I was pushing one of our students down the hallway and Brody came up to him and fist pounded him and said, ‘hey, what’s up?’ just like any friend would do,” she said. “It really touched my heart because my student was so happy and loved it, and Brody thought nothing of it. It was awesome and that’s what he does every time.”

For Wyers, wanting to help others comes as second-nature.

“Last year, there was a special education student and I could hear her crying down the hallway and that made me sad,” Wyers said. “I had to fix it.”

Fix it, he did. Wyers went to the classroom, cracked a joke and everyone started laughing. He brought all of the students so much joy then, just as he does every time he sees them, whether it be in the hallway, in the cafeteria or in a classroom.

Wyers’ servant heart is what compels him to eventually join the military to continue to protect and serve others. Hutchinson said she hopes Wyers takes a few words with him wherever he ends up in the world: “Just keep being you, be proud of who you are, always try your hardest. I think you’re going to go far and I think you’re a super, super great kid. I appreciate all you do.”

Friendswood ISD is very proud to have Brody Wyers as a student and we hope he continues to shine his light on those around him.